Canadian Foundation for Classical Cultural Education

Let Ancient Wisdom Guide Our Life Journey

Mission Concept

Education is the Pivot to the Rise and Fall of Mankind. How, we ask ourselves, can we help more people achieve health, happiness, and harmonious physical and mental state through education? The Canadian Foundation for Classical Cultural Education (CFCCE), after five years of accumulation and refinement, was registered as a non-profit organization in April of 2019.

We aim to take Confucian culture and spiritual education as our core concepts, starting from both physical and mental health, and carry out a series of activities include healthy eating, organic farming, environmental conservation, tree planting, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, classical studies, parent-child relationship, filial piety and caring for the elderly, philanthropy, altruism and more. We hope that through education, we can transform hearts, unite people, promote world peace and spread a positive energy to society.C

Recent Activities

2024 CFCCE Lunar New Year Greeting

CFCCE Activities Review 2023

Physical and Mental Health

The Canadian Foundation for Classical Cultural Education (CFCCE) has successfully organized multiple physical and mental health lecture series since September 2020 with the support of the Ontario and federal government. We have given nearly a hundred lectures and attracted the enthusiastic participation of thousands of people, including almost 2,000 seniors over the age of 55. Participate and learn about physical and mental health in the “Happiness Classroom”, learn new skills, make new friends, and build a spiritual home together!


Children's Chinese Studies Education

In order to help Canadianborn Chinese children to be proficient in Chinese literature and culture, a group of parents who are enthusiastic about charity and education have formed a mutual aid team in the past few years. The parents took their children to read and recite classical Chinese literature and also promoted the study of traditional Chinese literature in the Greater Toronto Area. They have established the Jiqian School (predecessor of CFCCE) and Beichen Chinese School, as well as hosting weekly Classical Chinese literature reading classes. As a result, more and more families are joining the path of classical education, providing them opportunities to read and understand the Four Books and Five Classics, as well as the traditional virtues of China.

Jiqian School currently operates weekly classical Chinese literature reading classes and winter and summer camps. It is the largest traditional private school in North America that uses classical reading methods to teach. Its excellent teaching effect has driven more and more overseas Chinese children in North America to recite and study traditional Chinese literature.

Family Education

Education is the Pivot to the Rise and Fall of Mankind.

Parents are their children’s first teachers, and their knowledge and insights are the key to their children’s healthy growth.

The foundation has established parent seminars and Sunflower Parent-Child Paradise, and is committed to leading parents to study and discuss Chinese classics to improve themselves, learn traditional Chinese and foreign wisdom, keep up with modern times, and live happily and harmoniously with their children.